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  • Big apple-mint vinegar for any skin


    The composition of simple cooking, too, it is a pity that it takes a 7 days. As, today, in the age of knowledge technology, time flies more fast.

    The face lotion for any face

    0.5 cups of organic red apple cider vinegar,

    0.5 cups of stewing h2o,

    100 grams of good peppermint leaves or 25 grams very dry.

    Preparation and application of lotion

    Mix up red apple cider vinegar with h2o and throw in a mint.

    Put the mixing on medium warmth, bring to a boil and immediately remove with heat.

    Insist lotion in a cool place for a 7 days, then strain through some layers of cheesecloth and pour into a dark bottle.

    Keep lotion on the bottom shelf of a refrigerator.

    The face lotion may be applied not alone to individuals but also to other areas with oily face, for example, on the chest, back, shoulders.

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