Face mask with white clay and natural milk


Very simple in composition dries and purifying cover for oily skin: white clay, talc and milk.

The mask for a face

1 teaspoonful of white clay (kaolin),

1 teaspoonful of talc (child powder can be replaced)

2-3 soup spoon spoons of soft natural milk.

Production and treatment of a skin cover

Do not apply for making masks, which involve cosmetic clay, metal utensils.

Similarly, to avoid early sagging skin, putting on skin desirable to lie down, or clay with your weightiness will draw the skin down.

Mix the white clay with talc. Then, continuing to stir, gradually add to the milk.

The mask want not get highly thick, but not highly fluid.

Use a mask ready to clean out damp face.

Leave on for 15-20 min, then rinse with hot h2o and rinse the facial skin with cool.

If indispensable, use a moisturizer.

Course covers

2.1 masks a week for a 30 days.

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