Ripe avocado and white wine from skin wrinkles


1 boiled egg

0.5 avocados

2 soup spoon dry white white wine.

Cut the ripe avocado pulp, bruise the yolks with white wine. Connect both a mix and put the finished mask on for 15-20 minutes.

Formula promises instant rejuvenating effect. Check?

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Mask of wrinkles with medium grapefruit


Clean out two slices of medium grapefruit peel and seeds and cut them in a blender or coffee grinder.

Add to a weightiness of 2-3 drops of pomelo butter resolution of vitamin A (available at pharmacies), 1 tablespoons sour fluid and 1 spoon spoonful of rice or any other meal. All taschatelno blend.

Keep a mask of skin wrinkles for 15-20 min, then remove with a cotton swab dipped in pomelo fresh juice. So washing with soft h2o and use to the face cream.

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Almond Grapefruit to narrow pores


4-3 kernels raw almonds


1 teaspoonful lemon juice.

Almond scald with boiling h2o, peel and pour a small aqua on a night. Reasonable mash kernel gruel and throw in the lemon juice. Apply the mask ready to clean out damp facial skin and rinse with cool aqua later 10-20 min.

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Facial skin cover with cucumber


Cucumber peel and seeds, grate or mash with a fork in a blender. Append the cucumber mass boric acid (accessible at pharmacies) in a ratio of 1:6.

Put a finished mask on the entire face or combination skin. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with cool water.

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Cleansing Face lotion for oily face


It's not even a face lotion, and a kind of cover, face lotion. After lotion, as a rule, does not Thoroughly wash off, and this will keep a duo of minutes later treatment rinse. Of course, some chore, but at least approximately in a your of cosmetic variety! Of the cover lotion - it will not just there some face lotion and not just there a cover.

A cover, lotion for very dry facial skin

3 tbsp. Olive butter or grape seed butter,

1 spoon tablespoon sweet grapefruit juice

1 teaspoon baking cheese

1 tsp. Pure mineral h2o

2 K. The essential oil of bergamot (sage, mint)

Small handful of table or sea saline.

Making and treatment of face lotion mask

Combine grapefruit breeding juice with aqua, the resulting mixing is dissolved in cheese and saline.

Combine a vegetable and essential oils, and connect the two mixtures.

Apply a cover ready-face lotion to clean out damp face on other parts of a body with any facial skin (shoulders, back, lower neck skin).

Sluice any means 1-2 min with hot h2o, rinse with cool person.

Use a mask, lotion 1-2 times a 7 days at bedtime or 3-4 hours earlier going out.

Do not forget to protect the facial skin and aging body face from UV radiation.

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Big apple mask


Rub on a small grater 1/2 sweet apples, append 1 tsp. Of sour cream and a lot of murphy starch thickeners.

Cover apple klubnichaya

Grate half of a candy red apple and sprinkle it with grapefruit nectar, throw in 1-2 mashed mandarin, 1 tsp. Honey and 1 tsp. Of olive oil.

Apply the mask on a face, neck and decollete for 15-20 min, keeping it very dry.

Course - one mask every day for a 30 days.

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