Scrub of the 1-st wrinkles


1 teaspoonful of olive or almond butter

1 tbsp. Spoonful of coconut oil,

1 teaspoon of great white or chocolate-brown saccharose

0.5 tsp. Of baking soda,

1 tsp. Of h2o.

Combine a olive oil and coconut butter to dissolve. Dissolve baking protein in water and add to a oil mix and stir until the mix is similar to shaving foam.

Use the mixing on a clean out, slightly damp skin.

Pour the saccharose palm and fingertips with gentle circular motions, use it on the facial skin. Leave a cover on for 15-20 minutes, then a little massage, rinse with hot h2o and apply a face moisturizer.

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Easy homemade cover of wrinkles


Cut 1 egg with 2 spoon spoons of natural milk, sour serum, fluid, white yogurt (a option). Apply on facial skin for 5-10 min and rinse off with massaging, so use the favorite skin moisturizer.

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Apples cover for combination skin


Fruits are valuable both internally and externally. Young face covers are not only feed, but also goodness for you, give tone and reduces pores.

Cover cowberry

By Beat in eggs white foam cool, add 1 tsp. Of porridge cowberry.

Apricot cover

At 2-3 peeled and mashed apricots throw in 1 h box of yoghurt, whey or nonfat plain yogurt.

Cover big apple

Grated on a fine grater big apple sprinkle with lemon fresh juice and throw in one teaspoon of low-fat cottage cheese.

Mask Plum

2.1 plum peel and mash a pulp into liquidity, throw in 1 teaspoon of corn.

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Simple cover for female facial skin


A seven covers for purification and recovery of dry face is more easy to prepare and even easier to apply.

Four protein cover for combination skin

Combine in a beaten eggs white foam to twist a half teaspoonful of a 5% aqueous decision of alum.

Beat in egg white foam cool mix up with 1/2 a teaspoonful of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Blend the whipped protein with a tablespoon of recent cucumber, grated on a fine grater.

Combine until the fluid slurry slug beaten eggs white with rice or ground oats.

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Cover with strawberries from skin wrinkles


Really, it should be noted, intricate facials cover. There's a porridge seethe rice with milk, and natural butter to flavor it, and even grapes with mint added. In general, once you know where good to put: on a face or mouth. But the person yet somehow effective - and so less calories, and the cover itself promises to rejuvenate a skin, and with age spots gradually spare.

The mask of strawberry

0.5 cups of sweet cherry,

2 tbsp. Spoons of rice,

1 tablespoon natural milk

1 fresh egg

1 tablespoon olive or almond oil

4.3 leaf of fresh mint (you can replace essence oil).

Production and apply a mask of strawberry

Seethe rice in milk.

Give rice porridge to cool to rooms temperature, so add to the crumpled blackberry, finely chopped mint and olive butter whipped with boiled egg.

Everything carefully.

Use a cover ready to clean out face, neck, arms, shoulders, neck area.

Hold for 20-25 minutes, so rinse with warm aqua. Rinse a facial skin with cool.

If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

Course masks Strawberry

3-4 hours for six weeks.

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Rejuvenating Mask with cognac


It is even potential that such a cover is already mentioned, but also once again talk around it more than not - it was too goodness and amazingly efficacious.

A mask for a face

0.5 cups of cream (for combination facial skin will be perfect to put a organic plain milk yoghurt)

1 egg,

2 tbsp. Spoons of natural honey,

1 teaspoonful of brandy.

Making and apply masks

Mash with a spoon yolks with natural honey, so add a serum and brandy.

Put the finished cover to clean out face of facial skin, neck skin, shoulders and decollete.

Keep the mask for 30-40 min, so rinse with hot aqua.

Rinse the face with cool.

Course covers

2-3 minutes a 7 days for a 30 days.

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