Easy homemade mask of skin wrinkles


Mash with a spoon 1 boiled egg with 2 tablespoon spoons of milk, sour cream, cream, white milk yoghurt (the range). Use on face for 5-10 minutes and rinse off with massaging, then use a beloved skin moisturizer.

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Face mask with white clay and natural milk


Highly simple in composition dries and purifying mask for female face: white clay, talc and milk.

The cover for the face

1 teaspoonful of white clay (kaolin),

1 teaspoonful of talc (newborn powderise may be replaced)

2-3 soup spoon spoons of heartwarming milk.

Production and treatment of a skin mask

Do not apply for production covers, which incorporate cosmetic clay, metal utensils.

Similarly, to avoid untimely sagging facial skin, putting on face desirable to lie down, or clay with a weight will draw the facial skin down.

Blend a white clay with talc. So, continuing to stir, gradually append a milk.

The mask want not have extremely thick, but not highly liquid.

Apply the mask ready to polish damp face.

Leave on for 15-20 minutes, so rinse with warm h2o and rinse your facial skin with cool.

If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

Course covers

2.1 masks a week for a 30 days.

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Rejuvenating Cover with cognac


It is even potential that such a mask is already mentioned, but also once again talk about it more than not - it was too goodness and amazingly active.

The mask for the face

0.5 cups of fluid (for dry skin will be complete to put a organic plain yoghurt)

1 boiled egg,

2 tablespoons spoons of honey,

1 teaspoon of brandy.

Making and apply covers

Bruise yolks with natural honey, so add the fluid and brandy.

Put a finished mask to clean facial skin of face, neck skin, shoulders and decollete.

Keep the mask for 30-40 min, so rinse with hot aqua.

Rinse a skin with cool.

Course covers

2-3 times a 7 days for a 30 days.

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3 skin care with mustard


Mustard perfectly cleanses and nourishes the face greasy. But do not apply it if a skin is sensitive and prone to redness. If there is inflammation of a face, mustard cover also must not be used.

Mustard cover with cucumber

Clean out medium-sized cucumber peeled, chop it into a blender or rub on a small grater.

Combine cucumber gravity with two tsp of any infusion of herbs: chamomile, calendula, sage, horsetail... You can apply a single herb or a mix thereof.

If the facial skin is highly female, suitable herbal spirits, diluted by 0.5 with water.

Add to a resulting gravity of fluffy foam-boiled eggs white and 1 tsp. Mustard powderise.

Everything carefully. If the mix turned out too fluid thickeners her corn or oat mealy.

Apply to polish, damp facial skin, keep no more than 5-7 minutes, then rinse with hot, then cold-blooded h2o.

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Honey with vitamins skin wrinkle


1 spoon spoonful of liquidity natural honey,

3-4 drops of solution of vitamin A in cow butter

0.5 teaspoon of oil solution of vitamin E,

0.5 teaspoonful of grapefruit juice.

All combine, apply to clean out, damp facial skin, wash off later 10-20 minutes. Vitamins in a butter may be replaced with a vegetable oil.

Fluid with protein-skin wrinkle

1 protein,

2 spoon soup spoon fluid

Wheat flour.

Mix up white and cream until smooth, thickeners cover millet floury. Keep a finished mask for 15-20 minutes.

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2 floury and fat masks for youthful skin


Floury and fat for a skin extremely good: and nourishes, and tones, and skin wrinkle the time safeguard. As a person for his own good just claim to keep such a big-calorie dietary.

Face cover with white bread, cow butter and honey

1 teaspoon of liquidity natural honey,

1 teaspoonful olive butter

1 slice of white bread or rolls,

3 soup spoon spoon milk

5 drops of vitamin E oil decision (free at pharmacies).

Production and treatment of a face mask

Cut the crusts from bread and soak meat in heartwarming natural milk.

When the fresh bread swells, add porridge honey, olive butter and vitamin E. All properly.

Use the cover to a clean damp face, neck skin, decollete. Pre-lubricate the skin may be a thin layer of moisturizer.

Following 20-25 min, remove a mask with a cotton pad soaked in natural milk. Then wash out with heartwarming water.

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