Big apple-mint vinegar for any skin


The composition of simple cooking, too, it is a pity that it takes a 7 days. As, today, in the age of knowledge technology, time flies more fast.

The face lotion for any face

0.5 cups of organic red apple cider vinegar,

0.5 cups of stewing h2o,

100 grams of good peppermint leaves or 25 grams very dry.

Preparation and application of lotion

Mix up red apple cider vinegar with h2o and throw in a mint.

Put the mixing on medium warmth, bring to a boil and immediately remove with heat.

Insist lotion in a cool place for a 7 days, then strain through some layers of cheesecloth and pour into a dark bottle.

Keep lotion on the bottom shelf of a refrigerator.

The face lotion may be applied not alone to individuals but also to other areas with oily face, for example, on the chest, back, shoulders.

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Ripe banana with chocolate with wrinkles


1/3 ripe bananas, without browned spots

0.5 Art. Tablespoons of cocoa powderise,

1 teaspoon of natural honey

1 tsp coconut or any other oil.

Mix up all until shine and use to the facial skin for 15-25 min.

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Protein with olive oil from skin wrinkles


1 egg white,

1 tsp. Fresh lemon breeding juice,

1 spoon olive butter.

Whisk until smooth protein dense foam, lemon extract, rub with olive oil, connect a two mixtures.

Apply a mask on the skin, neck, decollete 2-3 layers and leave for 15-25 min, then rinse well and apply a moisturizer.

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Medium grapefruit and sour cream to polish skin


2 tbsp. Freshly squeezed pomelo extract,

1 teaspoon of sour cream (serum, yoghurt)

1 eggs white (yolk for more very dry skin).

Whisk a protein into the air foam, append the sour cream and breeding juice. Apply for 15 minutes and rinse with cool aqua. This cover will tighten a face, narrow the pores and give the face a healthy glow of magnetically skin.

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Honey Lemon for any day


This more simple tonic mask recommend to do every day earlier wash. You can, of course, and strive, but later wash it applied once accustomed.

A cover

1 tablespoon spoonful of fluid natural honey,

2 tablespoons spoon of grapefruit juice.

If you take a "grain" Natural honey, the cover will be a very great pilling, but to use it every day in a case it is not required.

Preparation and use masks

Mix up grapefruit breeding juice and natural honey and gently heat the mask in the microwave or in a h2o bath.

Apply on face for 10-Fifteen minutes, rinse with cool water and rinse with cold water.

A mixture may be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, which greatly simplifies its weekly apply.

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Cleansing Mask with murphy starch


Simple so boots cleansing mask: potatoes, salt, kefir, h2o, tar soap. Tar soap may gel or foam cleanser to change, and the aqua not be taken, and a mineral and sol is not a cookery and sea. But if this is really quite detached with a roots and solid glamor moved.

The composition of a cleaning face care mask

1 teaspoon of potato starch,

1 soup spoon of heartwarming h2o,

0.5 tsp. Fine saline,

0.5 teaspoon of baking yolk

1 tsp. Planed tar soap (It is possible to pick up a liquidity).

Production and treatment of a skin cover

Dissolve a soap in a aqua, append a potato starch, saline and protein.

Washing with warm water and rinse several minutes hot enough.

If you follow the classical recommendations, earlier applying a mask may make a steam bath for a face, and if these recommendations are not followed, you can apply a purchase steamed face mask.

Apply massaging cleansing cover on a facial skin and, if necessary, the face of the chest and a back.

Leave on for 3-5 minutes, so massotherapy again and rinse with heartwarming h2o, rinse with cold face.

Clean out a skin pores lotion or make the mask to narrow pores.

Course covers

7-10 times for 1-2 weeks.

This mask is highly aggressive, so it's perfect to do before bedtime to a facial skin of a night time to recover.

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